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Your Family and Friends Will Love It! Enjoy a Cool, Comfortable Shade Pergola

5 Best Reasons for a Houston Pergola

houston patio covers Photos by Jeff Ludy

Pergolas have been a part of elegant home architecture since ancient Roman times. Savvy homeowners who want to take advantage of relaxing, entertaining and dining outdoors as often as possible consider having a Houston Pergola installed in their backyard as one of the smartest home improvement projects they can undertake.

Custom designed Pergolas installed by Houston Patio Experts are the best way to protect outdoor entertainment areas and provide them with constant cool and comfortable shade, even on the hottest summer day.

Houston Patio Experts has years of experience in both residential and commercial Pergola design and construction. Our low maintenance Alumawood Aluminum Pergolas feature your choice of luxurious colors and rich grains and are guaranteed not to rot, fade or attract termites. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry and have a reputation for designing and installing only the highest quality and most attractive Pergolas to complement your existing architecture and d├ęcor.

When customers ask us for ideas about adding the most elegant finishing touch to their backyard patios or entertainment space, we tell them to consider these 5 reasons for a Houston Pergola:

Five Perfectly Good Reasons to add a Pergola in Houston

  1. Increased home value: Installing a Houston Pergola adds the finishing touch to any backyard patio or outdoor area used for entertainment. It enhances your property with a classic architectural feature that has provided homeowners with cool, comfortable shade since ancient times.
  2. Extended living space: A Houston Pergola creates an outdoor living room that is protected from the elements by a cover of interconnecting beams that allow fresh air, sunlight as well as shade to offer protection throughout the day as well as a comfortable covering at night.
  3. Enhanced garden appeal for your backyard: It is very easy to grow vines and other greenery on a Houston Pergola to create a living canopy of plants and blooming flowers under which you, your family members and friends can dine, relax or simply enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors. We can also install smaller Pergolas over walkways and entrances.
  4. Create a shaded retreat: How often has full sunlight and temperature made it impossible for you to sit outdoors at your home for more than a few minutes? A Houston Pergola creates just the right amount of shaded protection so that you can enjoy being outdoors without fear of sunburn. Pergolas also help to lower the temperature when seated under their protection.
  5. Create shelter for outdoor furniture: It's a hassle to pull your outdoor furnishings indoors every night and every time it rains. A Pergola adds years of use to your favorite outdoor chairs, tables and chaise lounges by protecting them from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Free Pergola Design Assistance and Quotation

A Houston Pergola can create a personal sanctuary out of any backyard patio space. Houston Patio Experts can work with you to design the exact covering you need so you can enjoy spending more time relaxing, dining and entertaining outdoors. Call today for your free estimate and design consultation.

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