About Us Why choose Houston Patio Cover Experts?

Houston Patio Cover Experts

Jeff Ludy and family, founders Houston Patio Cover Experts

Jeff Ludy, the founder of Houston Patio Cover Experts, has a long history in home improvement and in the restaurant business. Enjoying great food while sitting outside on a patio or a deck is one thing that Jeff and his family enjoy very much.

While looking for a contractor to help with their own patio cover, the Ludy family found out that qualifications, trust, honesty and customer service are rare qualities in the industry. There are a lot of over priced and unqualified companies out there!

Jeff decided the only way to make a real difference is to go into the business himself. Houston Patio Cover Experts is the result of his problem solving ability.

Our Philosophy

First of all, here's what you don't get with Houston Patio Cover Experts:

Overpriced Services! - Many contractors raise prices then offer a discount. They are still overpriced!
Pushy Sales People! - You know that offer that expires when they walk out the door? It does not exist. The only reason to hurry is for their commission!
Cheap, Unqualified Labor! - Some companies pick their labor from a pool...daily or weekly.

What Do You Get?

Fair, Reasonable Prices - My clients say I saved them plenty of money over the other bids.
No Pressure! - I will never nor will any of my employees ever force you to make a decision. Your patio should be carefully planned. Take you time.
Qualifed Craftsmen - Quality comes from practice. From supervision and mentoring. Quality craftsmanship is an art.