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Choosing the Right Patio Cover Expert for Your Patio Project

Selecting an qualified expert to build your patio

houston patio covers Photos by Jeff Ludy

Making the decision to have a patio cover installed means your patio can offer your family more hours of enjoyment in addition to providing added protection for your outdoor furnishings.

But it's important to know how to choose the right patio cover expert so that you are completely satisfied once your patio project has been completed and that you have received very good value for the dollars you have invested in your patio cover. There are several important criteria to keep in mind to ensure you hire the right patio cover expert.

Experience Matters

A patio cover project isn't something that should be attempted by the do-it-yourselfer or just any handyman off the street. The right patio cover expert is a contractor who is able to offer you years of experience in a range of patio cover installation projects. In addition, the right patio cover expert is more than happy to provide you with examples of his previous work in addition to local references so you can speak with other satisfied customers.

Proper Licensing - if applicable

In order to avoid any problems with liability, choose a patio cover expert who is properly licensed in order to do these types of construction projects. In addition, it's important that any contractor you select have proper liability insurance that protects both of you should workers sustain any injuries while on your property. Your contractor should also handle securing any building permits that local government may require on your specific project. Most construction in Houston does not require a trade license. The main exception is electrical work. Only a licensed master electrician can pull a permit.


The right patio cover expert is able to accomplish your project within a reasonable time frame without unnecessary delays. The right patio cover expert is also available to listen to what you need and want and then incorporates those wishes into the completed project.


It's a good idea to obtain more than one quote for a patio cover project. Although pricing is important, it's equally important to hire a patio cover expert who offers experience, reasonable prices and a guarantee against defects. The cheapest price is not usually the best value or the best deal.


The right patio cover expert for your patio project is a qualified professional who has demonstrated experience in doing a quality job that will provide outdoor enjoyment for your household for years to come. The right expert doesn't outsource the job to unqualified laborers, gives you a timeframe for completion and covers their workmanship with a warranty against material defects.

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