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Houston Car Ports - Protect Your Car from Damage!

Don't Expose Your Car to Hail and Sun Damage - Get a Car Port

houston car ports Photos by Jeff Ludy

Houston home owners love their cars, their homes and their garages. Sometimes, we have one too many cars or maybe have one too many hobbies (is that possible?) and no room in the garage for the car! Leaving the car outside in the elements is not a great solution for several reasons:

  1. Hail Damage - When your car is left on the driveway and one of those thunderstorms drops by, your car gets pelted. That can lead to hundreds of little dents on your roof and hood. Large hail can even blow out a window or windshield.
  2. Sun Damage - The sun continuously beating down on your car will damage the finish. Not just paint but, for those of you lucky enough to have a convertible, the canvas roof and plexiglass back window gets faded, cracked and dried out. The sun also fades our dashboards and dries them out leading to large cracks.
  3. Ice and Dew - Remember that last time you were running a few minutes behind heading out to work…and the windshield was iced over? You did not have time to scrape, did you! That’s a hassle but, thankfully here in Houston it’s not that frequent. More often it’s just dew from our high humidity. Wet windows make it difficult to see. Lack of visibility causes accidents.

So what are you going to do? Sell the 4-wheeler or the bicycles or that table saw you need? No. Just get a carport!

How Do You Avoid Weather Damage To Your Car?

Adding a carport to the front of your home is a great way to add extra covered parking that will keep your vehicle safe from all the damage caused by mother nature.

Carports here in Houston can be simple or elegant and anything in between. You could go, for example, with a simple aluminum car port. Even the simplest and quickest ones will have strong aircraft quality construction aluminum with baked on enamel paint or powder coated finishes that won’t fade, peal, crack, etc.

Many of the styles we carry are very affordable and don't take much more that a day to set up. For example the non-insulated single slope that is attached to the home on one end and up to 4 support posts, comes complete with gutters and a downspout or two (depending on size). This car port will keep your Houston car covered and protected from the elements. We build these car ports all over Houston starting at $1499!

Don't Forget...We also carry patio covers

If you step it up a notch or two from the basic car port design, you could go with insulated aluminum complete with fiber cast or aluminum columns that match the style and look of your home. Top of the line car ports, more commonly referred to as a Porte Cocheres, are constructed of wood framing, roofed to match the home and columns can even be bricked or stone wrapped and even wrapped with HardiPlank.

Ready for your own Houston Car Port?

Okay so you finally got that slick car with all the bells and whistles you’ve always wanted. Why not protect it with a carport on the front of your Houston area home? Our estimates are fast and free! Call now and we’ll be out ASAP to measure and quote. There's no obligation. The decision to protect your car is all yours!

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