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Patio Covers Come in Many Styles and Sizes

What style of Patio Cover are you looking for?

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Installing a patio cover can add to your enjoyment of the patio space outside your home. The right patio cover not only offers shelter from sun, wind and the elements, it also serves to protect your patio furnishings from sunlight and rainfall to help them last longer.

Key Things to Consider When Getting A Patio Cover Estimate

  • How much shade do you want?
  • Do you want rain protection?
  • Will you need ceiling fans? Lights?
  • What color compliments your home?
  • Will the general style be rustic? contemporary? modern? traditional?
  • How and When will you be using your patio?

Before getting a patio cover estimate, it's helpful to consider a few key things to ensure the final result is a patio cover that provides your family with many years of outdoor enjoyment.

Open or Closed Roof Patio Cover

Decide whether you want a solid roof that will block rain and snowfall as well as provide shade, or if an open roof has more appeal to you, providing air flow and more natural light as well as a place for vegetation to grow.

Patio Cover Colors

Patio covers are available in a range of color options, from neutral and lighter colors which are optimal for hot climates and for making a small patio space appear larger, to bright colors resistant to fading and dark colors that retain heat, suitable for colder climates. But the overall color and design of the patio cover should complement and coordinate with the current style of your house so that it blends into the environment nicely without sticking out.

Patio Cover Styles

There are several choices of material to consider, each with features and benefits that may prove more appealing for your specific needs. UV-resistant shade sails are colorful, waterproof and durable. Pergolas provide a patio cover that is thatched to accommodate the growth of vines for a natural look. You can select from fold-out or retractable awning covers which can extend over the patio when needed and then retract when no cover is required. One of the most popular cover styles is a study permanent aluminum cover featuring an acrylic roof that allow sunlight rather than heat and UV rays onto your patio area. The clear cover also prevents adjacent rooms in the home from becoming darkened because of a solid patio cover. Natural materials such as redwood, cedar and Douglas fir are popular for creating patio covers.

Additional Patio Cover Options and Features

Decide whether or not you want the patio cover attached to the house or if it will be freestanding. It's helpful to know the length and width dimensions of the patio grounds you want covered, and if the ground below is a dirt surface, paved or concrete. By giving some prior thought to how you envision your patio cover best serving your outdoor entertainment needs, you are more likely to receive an accurate patio cover estimate.

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