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Sunny Days were made for Enjoying! Pergolas Offer Cool Shade

You Don't Need to Stay Indoors on Sunny Days!

pergolas in Houston Photos by Jeff Ludy

Houston Spring and Summer days offer us plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Most of us are, however, concerned about getting too much sun.

  1. Quality Shade - Pergolas offer great shade for your patio. The distance between the lattice determines the amount of shade you get.
  2. Aluminum Quality - Aluminum offers several benefits. For one, it does not rot like wood does. Another benefit is that it is coated with hardened enamel paint that is meant to last a lifetime! That means low/no maintenance.
  3. No Termites - Aluminum does not get termites! With wood, that's always a concern.

Pergolas are great for defining your patio space. They can be designed to be attached to the home or as a stand alone pergola. Attached pergolas offer a seamless extension of your living space. You walk out the back yard and enter your personal, private retreat. It's shaded and cool and decorated to your own personal taste. It feels indoors only it's better!

Add a ceiling fan and lighting to really make it personal and useful.

Detached pergolas offer an entirely different feeling. Image a stand alone pergola in your backyard that is away from the house. A special space that feels like a retreat. When you don't want to be bothered...maybe read in private or listen to music on your escape to your own personal vacation spot.

Are Aluminum Pergolas Expensive?

Actually, they are quite affordable. Houston Patio Cover Experts has pergolas starting at about $1499. Normally that will be a 100 square foot space that is built on existing concrete or directly over any other surface. Concrete is also available in a wide assortment of patterns, colors and shapes. Pergolas can be any size from 64 square feet (about 8' x 8') on up to several hundred, even a thousand square feet! Most back yards have space for an attached 400 square foot dream patio. That's bigger than the average living room.

One thing to know about pergolas is that they are designed for shade. They are not designed for rain cover. There are options that add some level of rain protection but, if you are looking for a completely dry patio retreat you may consider a patio cover or maybe an enclosure. Pergolas are attractive, space defining and excellent places to relax or entertain in dry weather.

Don't Forget...We also carry patio covers

Ready for your own Luxurious Aluminum Pergola?

If you are ready to get started, the first step is to get an estimate from us. Don't worry. There is never any pressure. What we'll do is come out and measure your space, explain the options and create a personalized quote for the project. When you are ready, you can let us know. There is no charge for our consultation and quote service.

Look to the right and complete the form. We'll call you. Or, look for our number at the top of the page.

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